Monday, 21 December 2015

Who is healthy

The fundamental principle of natural maintenance of good health was expressed by Vagbhatt as – Hitbhuka, Mitbhuka, Ritbhuika.means those want to be healthy they should eat according to body,according to hunger, according to season too

Hitbhuk:  means eat that which is nourishing only for your health and do not eat merely for taste.
Mitbhuk: means eat moderately (only that much which is essential for sustenance of the vitality and stamina of the body).
Ritbhuk: means eat that which is earned and prepared by righteous means and also what is suitable in a particular season(seasonal & local food).
Broadly speaking, the above principles are not new to us. We all have read or heard about these in one form or the other. But how many people (including ourselves) really pay attention to these? In view of the life-style adopted by most of us today and considering the growing pollution in the gross and the subtle environment, we ought to be more careful about healthy food.

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