Saturday, 30 September 2017

How to take correct breath

Procedure of correct we inhale navel comes out and we exhale the breath navel goes that diaphragm muscle easily move to help our lungs expand and contract to take proper and deep breath.. please check with yourself from a magazine.
Lie down on a mat , put a magazine on your navel. When you inhale magzine has to move up and we exhale our breath magzine has to move down .it's a simple exercise to correct your breath.
Please check and correct your breath to improve the vital force..
It's so important to improve prana level in our's a basic health key to become physically, mentally healthy and happy..

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Navratri Diet Plan

 Yoga Health Care Centre
Navratri Diet Plan:

1. Eat wisely and moderately to keep you energized whole day. if you want to detox your body you can opt out alternatively fruit diet only and 1 glass  lemon water(morning or bed time)  in a whole day but one type of fruit at one time.

2. Keep yourself  hydrated. Drink lots of water and fluids like coconut water, lemon water and buttermilk, Herbs water (Jeera/Snauf/Honey - cinnamon water).

3. Combine high carbohydrates like potatoes and sabudana(widely used in fasting) with other fibrous vegetables like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, capsicum, bottle guard, etc. Also try to use boil , roast or grill vegetables instead of deep-frying them.

4. Kuttu, Waterchestnut (singhara) is a brilliant combination of carbohydrates  and protein. Use it to make chapatti instead on Puris, Paranthas.

5. Samak rice are extremely easy to digest and can be consumed in any kind of quantity.

6.Try to take in a lot of fruits or  dates,  Carrot ,Apple kheer, Samak rice kheer,Makhana kheer,Ghiya kheer besides full navratri thali.

7. Try and adopt healthy snacking opt for  seasonal fruits (banana, apple, guava, pear, orange Etc),roasted makhana, mix of nuts (almonds/raisins/walnut)/ baked chips, roasted peanuts, etc..
8. Your diet should be  individually requirement  or according to your prakriti like Vata , Pitta and Kapha Vata Person has to take warm and fresh food, Pitta person has to take small meals at 4-5 times and cold potency food but Kapha person can take only 1 or 2 meal to detox their body effectively.For more details about this, Please let us know…

Wish you a very happy and healthy Navratas

The Balanced fast Diet:

Breakfast options (choose any one) - 

1 Seasonal fruit  with 1 glass milk
Sabudana porridge with nuts
Fruits shake with five to six 
soaked almonds,walnuts.
Boiled aloo chaat with lemon and blackpepper

Mid-morning options (choose any one) - 

Lemon water
Coconut water
Herbal water( Jeera,/ Saunf, /honey)

Lunch options (choose any one): -
Kuttu chapatti with vegetables and salad with raita
Baked sabudana tikkis with veggies and curd
Samak rice with vegetables and salad with plain buttermilk

Evening time: 

Roasted makhana/peanuts/any seasonal Fruit

Dinner (choose any one):
Grilled Paneer tikka/chaat with vegetables
Milk and papaya
A bowl of vegetables and salad
Pumpkin and bottle gourd soup with vegetables

At Bed time
 Daily Plain lemon water 

For more details