Sunday, 10 December 2017

Winter care

During winters, the digestive fire is stroger  hence it is capable of digesting any food stuff irrespective of its heaviness and the quantity.
During winter, if proper quantity of food is not taken, it affects the quality of Rasa Dhatu (nutritious fluid generated as a product of digestion). It leads to Vata imbalance.
Therefore, during the winter one should take foods from these groups..
Oily , sour and sweet, fermented liquid prepared with ripened fruit  can  be consumed with honey. Desi  cow milk and its milk  products like ghee, paneer, curd, buttermilk .
Sugarcane and its juice products like Jaggery, jaggery powder and  
sesame oil, fresh rice and grains hot water.
With these kind of food products we should use these healthy habits to make yourself fit and healthy for  throughout  a year. 
·         We should regular oil massage to body, palm massage, head massage to avoid dryness. Proper breathing practices with regular yoga practice to balance vata in this season for the  body detoxification.
·         Try to sit in Sunlight to get Warmth for the muscles and vitamin D absorption in our body  .
·         Try to include all the 6 kind of taste in your daily meal (Sweet, salty,sour,bitter,astringent, pungent)to improve your nutrition absorbation.{will let know details about this in the  next post}
·         We should have covered our body with warm clothes and blankets specially while sleeping to proper relaxation and detoxification  for our body and mind. Try to take at least 6-8 hour sleep compulsorily in winters but not more than this  as in winters don’t allow to sleep in the daytime.

·        One should avoid food and drink which are light and are prone to Vata vitiation (Dry foods). One should not expose himself to cold wave.
Eating less or skipping meals are not recommended.
Enjoy winters

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