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Medicinal uses of Patharchatta : is used to treat clinical conditions such as asthma, blood dysentery, boils, bronchial affections, cough, diabetes, gout, insect bites, jaundice, dysuria, epilepsy, gout, hoping cough, jaundice, nephrolithiasis, painful micturition, pneumonia, respiratory troubles, tuberculosis, ureterolithiasis, arthritis, inflammation, hypertension and kidney stones. It stimulates production of urine and hence helps in urinary stones.

Uses of this plant:
1.Leaves of this plant is very good for removing kidney stone and multiple small gall bladder stone. Chew leaves (2-3) or extract leaves juice and drink before the meal  twice a day.
2.The juice or the bruised fresh leaves is good for arresting bleeding from wounds, cuts, ulcers.
3.Mix Patharchatta leaf juice (3 ml), jeera (3 g) and ghee (6 g) and take regularly for few days for blood mixed diarrhea.
4.its good on a small burns or mark we can apply plant or leaf paste is applied externally.
5.its paste of whole plant with cumin seeds is applied for boils.
6.Juice obtained from 4-5 leaves is mixed with one teaspoonful Mishri and one cup of warm water and taken orally.
7.For cough, we can also use warm leaf juice taken twice a day with honey for 3-5 days.
8.Leaf juice + coconut oil  on scalp at night is beneficial for Hair growth and dandruff.
9.In Diarrhea we can use its 5 to 10 ml juice of leaves with honey thrice daily.
10.For ear discharge  and pain in ear, warm yellow leaves of Patharchatta and extract its juice. Put few drops in ear.
 11.For Headache ,we can also apply its leaf paste applied over forehead.
12. In high blood pressure, scanty urine, dysuria, urinary problems ,we can use regularly chew (2-3) leaves of Pattharchatta twice day.
13.Leaf juice is taken in indigestion twice a day.
14.Inflammation, joint pain in arthritis, wounds, sprain, apply warm leaves of Patharchatta and apply at affected area with pain relieving oil.
15.Take fresh leaves juice for liver problems and Jaundice.
16. In Leucorrhoea you can take Patharchatta leaves juice (2 tablespoon) twice a day.
17. Poisoning due to bites of animals Warm Patharchatta leaves are applied over the bitten part.
The leaf juice can be taken in dose of 10-30 ml.
You just need to pluck a leaf from a Patharchatta plant and simply put it in wet soil or a dish with some water. In few days, the developing roots can be seen at leaf margins. After the roots, leaves appear and soon a new baby plant is ready which when planted can become independent plant. The plant prefers warm, sunny or shady places. The soil required should sandy and should not hold water.the new plants grow from the leaf of the plant. You can easily grow this plant at home.

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